3 ways of improving employee productivity: Applied in fortune 500 companies

Employee are the most important asset in your business. Statistics show that businesses with committed teams always win. For instance, the first 50 employees at Tesla all their time to company success. The same culture was adopted in the entire company, making Tesla one of the most valuable companies in the world. Another example is Apple, where each employee feels and puts their best foot forward to make Apple products the best in the phone and accessories market. These examples show that employees are the most important asset in your business, and their productivity will directly affect the success of your business. But how can you improve employee productivity in your business? I will discuss 5 practical ways to improve productivity, which have been implemented in some of the fortune 500 companies.

1.      Implement KPIs that improve employee productivity

If you can measure it, chances of improving it are minimal. This popular quote applies to employee productivity. In this case, defining key performance indicators is the starting point. There are several key performance indicators for employee productivity. One of them is the amount of work that is completed in the given period. Another one is the quality of the work that has been completed. There are others as well. These are things that you need to be aware of when it comes to improving your performance as well as helping others to improve theirs.

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The amount of work that an employee completes within a given time frame will depend on how much time they are given and also how effectively they use their time during those allotted hours or days. You need to give each employee goals and then review their progress at regular intervals. You can help them to improve by encouraging them and by giving them additional resources when they seem to need them. It goes without saying that you want your employees to be able to complete their work in a timely manner and with a high degree of quality so that customers do not have complaints about the products or services that you provide. The best way to ensure this kind of performance from your employees is to treat them with respect, give them plenty of notice about things that need to be completed, and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts on behalf of your business.

In order to use KPIs most effectively, the company’s owner should develop a list of objectives that need to be met during the year and then find the right metrics for each one. Each employee will be given an objective and a KPI.  Using Employee management software helps your business to set KPIs based on the company goals. By using KPIs as part of your employee evaluation process, you can pinpoint areas where each employee needs improvement. This will allow you to make better decisions about which members of your staff deserve promotions, merit raises, and other rewards. You will also be able to identify problem areas where you need to re-train employees or find new people with different skill sets in order to meet your objectives.

2.      Automate employee collaboration

For a business, collaboration is the fuel that powers growth. If a business is to continue thriving for years to come, it will need to rely on its people and its process more than ever. Automating employee collaboration in a business is the most important step a company can take to ensure ongoing success.To stay ahead of their competition, companies must be able to work with employees in different locations at any time. Automating employee collaboration is the best way to ensure that your business works seamlessly with team members who are scattered around the globe.

Automated systems for collaborating with remote employees allow you to communicate immediately with everyone involved in a project at any given time. You can share files, documents, and spreadsheets instantly and discuss them online in real-time. This ability makes it possible for your company to move forward quickly and confidently while staying on track toward its goals.Automating employee collaboration also means that you can work faster because there’s less paperwork and red tape involved. You’ll save valuable time and money by streamlining your processes, which are further streamlined by the use of cloud computing. Cloud computing allows you to access your files from anywhere in the world at any time — something that used to be extremely difficult or even impossible.

3.      Implement Self – service employee management tools

A self-service software is an online software that is used by employees or customers to manage their affairs. This is a very important concept in the Human resource management department as it provides the required functionality, such as time and attendance tracking, absence tracking, workforce management, etc.The importance of self-service software in Human resource management is immense. This is because it provides the employees with easy access to all the relevant data, information, and facilities that they require. Hence, the HR department saves a lot of time and energy that can be used to serve their customers better.

Self-service tools in HR helps in reducing the paperwork done by them which will, in turn, reduce the cost and effort involved in the entire process. The employees can have access to all these facilities whenever they need them without having to visit the site office. This also reduces their time and energy spent on commuting as well as waiting time at the site office. Over 50% of repetitive tasks in the HR department can be done using self-service tools. Consequently, implementing these tools will offload the work from your team and enable them to concentrate on customer-centric goals. Thus, implementing self-self-service tools in your HR department will improve employee productivity.


Employee productivity is a wide scope that may not be covered in a single discussion but these three methods will certainly work for your business. Coming up with clear KPIs will help your team to focus on their work and align their efforts towards business success. Moreover, implementing self-service tools will save significant time for your team, creating a customer-centric working environment. Finally, Employee collaboration is essential, and finding ways to automate the process will benefit your organization.

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