MBBS Admission in Bangladesh – Why Should You Choose Public University?

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh is a desirable option for medical aspirants from all over the world. With the opening up of many international colleges in Bangladesh, this MBBS Admission in Bangladesh has become very popular among students from different countries. The MBBS program in Bangladesh is an excellent chance for international students to learn the English language and also learn medical science. Students from India can get admission in several MBBS colleges in Bangladesh with the help of the residency facility provided by the university.

The MBBS in Bangladesh

The MBBS in Bangladesh is offered in two forms-group and full time. Group instruction is more flexible than the full-time course. Full-time MBBS programs in Dhaka offer five-year degree courses at a fixed time. Group training gives the students the flexibility to schedule their classes according to their convenience. Full-time training will enable the students to choose their field of specialization and complete their careers with appropriate training and experience. Some of the well known MBBS colleges and universities in Bangladesh are- Dhaka University, Quaid-ee-Uttar, International School of Hospitality, Community Based Medical College, Dhaka National Medical College, Monno Medical College, etc.

MBBS in Dhaka

MBBS in Dhaka- Degree offered in this form provides you with ample opportunities for your medical career advancement. An MBBS degree is required in today’s scenario, as there are many MBBS Colleges offering better quality education and lucrative career prospects. In order to gain admittance into any of the renowned medical colleges in Bangladesh, you need to undergo specific eligibility criteria and for Indian NEET-UG an entrance exam is conducted by NBE. These entrance exams are generally competitive and will prepare you for your career in a better manner. The MBBS curriculum and teaching system consist of the traditional academic teaching system and clinical training, besides providing you with ample room to expand your wings.

Bangladesh is amongst the top ten education hubs in Asia, due to the better facilities provided to its students and excellent job prospects. Moreover, there is a large number of job openings that are made available in this country due to the rise in manufacturing industries. Therefore, it becomes all the more essential for students from any part of the world to enrol for MBBS studies in Bangladesh to pursue a career in MBBS related courses. There are various reasons that make you more qualified for an MBBS program in Bangladesh and India.

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

First, on the list of reasons for an MBBS Admission in Bangladesh is the low medical study fees. Medical studies in various Asian countries have always been expensive; hence, the low fee structure is very attractive for those pursuing an MBBS program in Bangladesh. In India also, the MBBS programs attract a good number of students from abroad. On the other hand, the low fees structure in Bangladesh is really appealing for foreign students. If you are pursuing an MBBS degree in Bangladesh, you will save comparatively on the finance front.

The second reason for an MBBS Admission in Bangladesh is the excellent job prospects available for Indian students. According to recent survey reports, the growth of the private sector in Bangladesh has been tremendous. This has become a reason for the rising demand for educated professionals from India. Consequently, if you have completed your MBBS degree in Bangladesh and are looking to pursue a job in this country, the private sector in Bangladesh is undoubtedly your best bet. On the other hand, if you are a graduate of an MBBS program in India, you can look forward to a lucrative career in pharmaceuticals, banking etc.


The MBBS Admission in Bangladesh provides you with an opportunity to complete your internship in the country. As per the graduate placement expectations of the university, the number of students opting for an internship during MBBS Programs in Bangladesh is increasing phenomenally. It is observed that an MBA Graduation Program attracts many students for internships in the country. Consequently, if you are an eligible candidate for an MBBS Admission in Bangladesh, you should not miss the chance of doing so. You should also look forward to pursuing a rewarding internship in the country.

Excellent Opportunity

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh is an excellent opportunity for you to complete your graduate coursework in the medical discipline. However, it is imperative that you analyse the overall cost of the MBBS program in Bangladesh before you make your final decision. You can do so by checking out the various online MBBS schools offering MBBS in Bangladesh universities. Make sure that you get all the latest MBBS admission details from a reliable MBBS Admission in Bangladesh website.

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