How to Choose the Best Face Moisturizer?

Using a face moisturizer daily can help maintain the skin’s moisture barrier and protect it from the daily environmental pollutants you are exposed to. Not just that, a moisturizer can help keep your skin hydrated and refreshed.

Did you know that as one ages, the oil glands begin to secrete less oils onto the skin making it look dry and damaged? When you moisturize your skin daily, it causes these oil glands to not work overtime to keep your skin healthy. Moisturizing the skin helps to lock in and seal the moisture in your face that gives your skin a glowing and a radiant look.

How often should you use a face moisturizer?

Skin care experts opine that a moisturizer should be an integral part of the AM and PM skincare routine. Moisturizing is the third step which comes after cleansing and toning the face. However, if you have underlying skin issues you may need to add or omit usage of the moisturizer.

Moisturizers may not eliminate wrinkles, but with consistent usage, they trap the water in the skin and mask fine lines and creases temporarily. Adding a moisturizer to your daily skin care regime can help to nourish the skin by keeping it soft, smooth and supple.

Let’s get you started. Here are a few reasons on how to choose a face moisturizer. But before you choose one, it is important that you determine your skin type and choose a face moisturizer accordingly.

Step 1 – Know your skin type:

If you’re not sure of your skin type, you can determine it with these simple tests. All you need is a tissue or a blotting paper and some free time. When you wake up in the morning, press the blotting paper on different areas of your face. Let it stay for a minute or two. You can determine your skin type, depending on how much oil the blotting paper has picked up.

The most often used test is where you wash your skin and pat dry. Stay indoors for 30 minutes and check your skin type. You can touch your skin with the tips of the fingers to know your skin type. You are likely to get the same results as mentioned above.

Step 2 – Choosing the best face moisturizer according to your skin type

Once you have identified your skin type, choosing a face moisturizer becomes easier. These are the face moisturizers that you can use:

  • Dry Skin:

    This type of skin needs a heavy and preferably an oil-based moisturizer. You need something heavy for this skin type to keep it moisturized for long hours. Opt for the Mamaearth aloe vera gel that is packed with turmeric and Vit E and it doubles up as an all-purpose gel to soothe nicks and sunburns and also keep your skin healthy.

  • Oily Skin/Acne-prone Skin:

    If you have oily skin look for a light, non-greasy and preferably a water-based moisturizer like the Mamaearth ACV variant that has been specifically formulated for oily skin. Not only does it keep the skin hydrated, it also helps to keep acne and breakouts under control.

  • Mature Skin:

    You need oil-based moisturizers to preserve moisture in your skin. You can opt for face-oils or serums that work actively to restore your skin health. Retinol is your best ingredient to tackle mature skin. Mamaearth’s Retinol Serum has been formulated for mature skin to ease the fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Sensitive Skin:

    For this skin type, opt for a face moisturizer that is packed with ingredients like aloevera or saffron that is soothing on the skin. You can use the Mamaearth Ubtan Gel that is packed with the goodness of saffron and turmeric that soothes inflammation and offers deep hydration to your skin.

  • Normal/Combination Skin:

    While almost anything will work for this skin type, it is better to choose a variant that is neither too heavy nor too light on the skin. Your best bet would be the moisturizer from the Mamaearth Aqua Glow range. Light on the skin and fast to absorb this unique gel formulation with hyaluronic acid can keep the skin hydrated for long hours.

Do not forget to use a sunscreen in your AM routine after you have applied your face moisturizer. You can explore the Mamaearth website to explore their range of face moisturizers according to your skin types and concerns.

Important Note: As with all our products, we recommend that you carry out a patch test to eliminate the possibility of any allergy or adverse reaction. Mamaearth’s products are completely free from any nasties, chemicals and toxins. It is proud to have India’s first Made Safe certification.

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